What are your Superpowers?

Type: Books
Price: $10.99


By Marget Wincent  (Author), Charity Russell (Illustrator)

Discover the Superpowers in all children by reading this book with “littles” you love. Each colorful, rhyming page reveals children at work and play, demonstrating their love of dancing, acting, using their service dog to achieve, having sensitive hearing or even using a picture schedule. This book was written to share with families and elementary classrooms to promote the idea that awareness of one’s unique abilities develops a community of pride, acceptance and inclusion. Celebrating all children is the theme of this book, written for the K-4th grade audience. A wonderful gift for children, educators, church libraries, Child Life departments in hospitals and clinic waiting rooms. “Love this! A book that both parents and kids will enjoy. It speaks to our hearts; encouraging everyone to celebrate who we are. The warmth on each page made me want to turn to the next.” Marivelisse Rodriguez, Psy.D. "This book encourages us to recognize and appreciate ‘superpowers’ that often go unnoticed. An important resource for elementary classrooms, to promote inclusion.” Dr. Laura I. Hodges, LPC-S, NCC, ACS “Youth, families, and care providers will cherish this colorful and inviting book because it provides an entry to discussing a child’s unique abilities.” Joyce M. Engel, PhD, OTR, FAOTA